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Are you a Double Dipper? Multiple Viewpoints, Self Criticism and Strategic Thinking

Don’t ever let your family or friends tell you that watching television is a waste of time.  Often I have tried to explain to my family that watching sports on TV was part of my professional development.  As a couch potato, I try to study trends and understand how consumers will behave along with the products and services they will demand.  For me, Seinfeld consistently provided thoughtful analysis and a demonstration of how important it is to understand how the same action or behavior can be viewed in two distinct ways.  The Seinfeld episode where George is attending a wake and he “double dips” is a great example.  At the wake George takes puts his chip into the dip and takes a bite.  After finishing half of the chip, George “double dips” the same chip back in the dip to the horror of Timmy.  It is Timmy’s interpretation that George might as well put his whole mouth on the bowl of dip.  When looking at the example of Double Dipping I like how clear it is that a single behavior can be socially acceptable to one person and completely offensive to someone else.  Likewise in business, your strategic decisions have impacts on multiple levels.  Use your analytic ability to parse out the right decision for you personally, professionally and financially.   Finally don’t be afraid to look in mirror and realize that you may not know everything.  Accepting constructive criticism from others who see your venture in a different light can be equally as valuable.

Here is a link to a clip of George double dipping.

Until next time, be good and cultivate your community of friends.